The Universe speaks…

The universe speaks to us as waves, invigorating, pulsing,
transforming, diversifying, illuminating, maturing, attracting.
The universe speaks through fractals and fossils…
the ‘…ologies’ of earthly studies
Volcan-, seism-, and ge-
The universe holds in high esteem the practice of patient observation –
our elderly wisdom and juvenile sciences.

Our universe creates its balance through cycles and seasons,
powering vessels of selfless love by the purest yielding of hydrating sustenance.
We can absorb its being-example
awareness grown through nourishment, generosity springing from scarcity.
Transient tissue expresses vitality through
regeneration, from elemental genesis to exhausted embers.
awakenings flourishing from endings…a synergetic web of symbiotic re-circulations…
celebrated intimately through diverse, abundant sentience.

Universal consciousness communes with us across inconceivable light years, through stellar
quantum energy… growing, expanding, stretching; an edifice in expansion.
Boggled minds contemplate it’s secrets using algorithmic permutations and codified correlation,
mathematical relationships revealed.
It’s insights are revealed through poignant poems of life cycles the atrophy of firmness into fragility.
It speaks in one enlightened language – a symbiosis of responsible heart and soulful mind
laid bare as logic and love.
Intuition is carried in the cosmic white noise …we evolved by listening to the cosmos.




First published in The Lincoln Underground (Summer 2014)

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