Extrapolation pioneers




Considering a postulation beyond hypothesis

In every moment there is a finality of infinite opportunity.




Faith’s Equalities

Ranks of pride-less lovers
worthy of the Creator’s investment
of one soul each and identical
in value.



The entirety

Each soul is showered with universal love
whilst entirely nourished with the fruits of understanding,
and receives the full spectrum of spirit-animating sustenance.

Absorbing the rays of Abhá warmth

Faith in God, loving God
cleanses the heart, erases impurity
in any soul.



Unsound footing/Separate from Straight

There’s a path that takes some way out
Away out so far that the beautiful beginning
The true and noble start – is lost from sight
And thereafter serious is such plight.



What’s happening

Gladly, many are blessed to recognise
the normalcy of everyday love.




By love, sing your best.