Something’s Coming

Racing fear

A talent of evil is staying hidden

… then choosing to not.

Something’s Coming

Wrong intentions damaging beloved righteousness

Trust twisted into toxicity, persons passing around poison.

Diabolical origins won’t easily be contained – locked back inside an unseen box

Countless wrongs happening, virally scourging hope.

Pride revealed in a robe of ignorance

… and then… appeared a barefoot angel come serving all with spiritual salves

of restorative balm.

Semantic sanctuary

God has put generosity into the human heart

entrusted each individual’s temple with truthfulness

and showered radiant justice upon each crown –

bestowals of His ultimate gift to His servants.

Repelling egotism

Ego sweeps its sword-edge

shakes its stubborn barbs.

Anonymous, it dislikes. Humility, it shrinks at. Selflessness it misunderstands.

Loving, thriving, compassionate community alienates ego.




O Song, wonder with wing

Daystar cleaving night…

Spilling One light of perpetual flight

Awakening with sight…

By regal Cord the weave’s supple might.






Minds changed from behind boundaries

Dissolving divisions of understanding.

All tribal blood’s sameness in veins.














Channel – Score – Win

It is a must to consider

The Glory of a Supreme Being

Precipitate the benefits of humility…and

to connect with prayer like the mystical

Forms of light and water.

Living Avidity

It is mostly by the creatures that the forest

Comes alive for me. Their forms are a melody of energy

– a fragrance sent through nature.

Accounting bits and extensions of life

Every small segment counts

As the goal of life is creating welfare

the purpose of being joyful is to share.


Sharing is the paradise of selflessness.

The last shallow cut

Fear is a weedy, barbed spear

Ice-like, melting in time,

its aggression thins closing up completely as a healed wound.