Embryonic labours



Verses interpretations

Remote connections, situations

Where is the limit of seeing

… the reach of highest compassion?

What insight in searching.. study.. examining?

Noblest Consciousness, Creator of sublime understanding

affecting spiritually-consequential Words.

Illimitable Dominion

All eternity – infinite into the future – present – and

eternal throughout the past…

this is His continuum of Truth,

propelling time without error, propagating anxiety or travel of panic.

Within the edifice of His Just realm, a supernal architecture of Wisdom.

Words’ Power’s Charge


Diversity – equity

Reusing – resourceful – economic

Recycling – energy – conservation – detachment

Respect – ecology – earth – sustainable – justice

Reverencebiodiversityspiritual – sustenance – permaculture – flourishing

Local – community – nourishment – sharing – knowledge – organic – skills

Opportunity – dedication – interconnectivity – fluidity – crafts expertise – vital

Betterment – uplifting – healthlovingness – inclusion – unity – prosperity


Filling of Spirit fresh

So many wells available

impulsively drawn to a seductive exterior

tempting with lavish-ornament gratification

… ‘outcomes’ an offering foul and choking.

Superficial perceived as substantial

Nothing fresh to imbibe.

How Spirit may be plenished, or depleted from body.

Ceaseless movement of ocean and river cleanses

all living water – making new its healthful, healing fluidity.

Natures worth simply recirculated.

First BRIGHT Thirst: Statistics of Love

First Bright Thirst


Drink in a DEEPER Truth

an Illumined REALITY

Brilliantly Enlightened






Indispensable guidance our Lord has issued –

safeguarding against inconstant motives,

a fortress repelling awry intentions.




Forever so why ever


HE is the remedy to self-doubt,

regret and spiritual imbalance

His light illumines redemption and its fulsome embrace

delivers salvation to whomsoever forever

That how-when-where whichsoever ceases never – hallowed

be His Name.




Veiled Treasure


Seeking, receiving the divine fragrances…

deepening within the Holy writings,

of the inscrutable, unknowable Essence

The One illimitable, indecipherable Absolute.




Of En-Wp


Conjuring demons of our own volition

Self-erasing shadows – age-maturing as nature obeys seasons turning

Old growth boosted by tiredness into new

Illusion by will – construction through disintegration

A symmetry inherent in weathering.




Statistics of Love


New World Ordering numbers abound –

spreadsheet stacks of selflessness

calculus carried out with utmost care

studied with graphs of generosity

– arithmetic of altruism; compassionate calculations…

integrated with mathematics of heart movements

equals (=) logarithmic lovingness.

Firming up fortuitous fractions, unifying decimal point factions.

The numbers of a Renewed World Ordering abound