First BRIGHT Thirst: Statistics of Love

First Bright Thirst


Drink in a DEEPER Truth

an Illumined REALITY

Brilliantly Enlightened






Indispensable guidance our Lord has issued –

safeguarding against inconstant motives,

a fortress repelling awry intentions.




Forever so why ever


HE is the remedy to self-doubt,

regret and spiritual imbalance

His light illumines redemption and its fulsome embrace

delivers salvation to whomsoever forever

That how-when-where whichsoever ceases never – hallowed

be His Name.




Veiled Treasure


Seeking, receiving the divine fragrances…

deepening within the Holy writings,

of the inscrutable, unknowable Essence

The One illimitable, indecipherable Absolute.




Of En-Wp


Conjuring demons of our own volition

Self-erasing shadows – age-maturing as nature obeys seasons turning

Old growth boosted by tiredness into new

Illusion by will – construction through disintegration

A symmetry inherent in weathering.




Statistics of Love


New World Ordering numbers abound –

spreadsheet stacks of selflessness

calculus carried out with utmost care

studied with graphs of generosity

– arithmetic of altruism; compassionate calculations…

integrated with mathematics of heart movements

equals (=) logarithmic lovingness.

Firming up fortuitous fractions, unifying decimal point factions.

The numbers of a Renewed World Ordering abound






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