Ante meridiem – : – Replicate of Fashion – : – Masterly Aspect – : – Terra firma


Realm of Being


Approaching, reaching for

– embracing union by fusion of truth

energised in the light of spiritual understanding.



Masterly aspect


Great art takes the mind with spirit

To where it didn’t expect to go.





We’re brilliant moons reflecting His Sun.



Terra firma


The one solution to

Infighting is




Cast-iron uncertainties


who dares break those rules that can be broken?

Without knowing the future,

Trivial guidelines sold as taboo assurances

Mankind’s world creation to date.



Restraint deficiency


Tight prayer for begging, pleading, beseeching.



Replicate of fashion


Only the human soul can exert the unique spark

of human art.     A.I. will never create genius… 

only replicate.



Ante meridiem


Should not every morn begin a festival of joy

alloyed in the righteous forge of selfless love?










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