Dispensing with essentials; Beckoned gatherings; Concert of blossom; Hues

Dispensing with essentials


Violently, earth’s being injured –

its mouth and nose are being hacked away, cut

and stabbed.

Alarmingly near, this soon-coming emergency

earth will be unable to breathe, take nourishment

… as living lands become devoid of trees.

Overrun and overwhelmed

dispensing with essentials, ruinous ecocide.



Beckoned gatherings


Discernment develops balance, harmony…

Faith prompts us on a journey to love.






Concert of blossom


Flora singing through hues

listening to the notes of aroma.





Subtlety of cloud colour

bone white, sooty milk and spattered oatmeal

bruised flesh, ivory with a charcoal-wash

wind-mingling… ever-shifting.




Photo credit (at top – Shrine of the Báb): Baha’i International Community (Baha’i Media Bank) and Baha’i World Centre.

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