Embodiment by Spirit


The Lord of Hosts enriches

with energies enigmatic.

He instills, fashions and is the crucible

of each human soul.

Every intimate form is lovingly shown.



That which is separate contribute united


Strip away comfort and we have struggle

Individually we are but separate beads of water

seeking to coalesce

… and in so doing, form rivulets

join together incrementally building a wee stream –

many of merge, build into a powerful river

onward these flow to the great collective ocean.

Strip away struggle… and we have comfort.








Most sovereign, supreme Ordainer

causing all souls to tremble,

through the crucible of His Universal Spirit.

Highest Lord, praise.

Gifting the bounty of life, His promise of Justice

of all His loving abundance…

consciously we are shaken into awareness.


Every radiance set opportune

to experience…

Lord of highest claim to greatest loftiness, praise.

In answer to prayers, He will favour His servants by destroying their vanity,

those warped imaginings.

Seekers orient their focus upon His sublime countenance –

to bathe within His ethereal majesty.

Devoutly loving Him, each eternal essence does clarify

– humanity flourishes into pristine gems… unlimited in purity

infinite in possibility.







Inscrutable reality


Only God can devise a gift and

a chastisement within one deliverance.

Such an imponderable mix, 

this duality is His favour.



Acquisitive State



Identity by culture


Illegitimate culture


Sickly manifestations of power addiction

serving greed

Desire with self at centre

Culture of death.






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