Dispensing with essentials; Beckoned gatherings; Concert of blossom; Hues

Dispensing with essentials


Violently, earth’s being injured –

its mouth and nose are being hacked away, cut

and stabbed.

Alarmingly near, this soon-coming emergency

earth will be unable to breathe, take nourishment

… as living lands become devoid of trees.

Overrun and overwhelmed

dispensing with essentials, ruinous ecocide.



Beckoned gatherings


Discernment develops balance, harmony…

Faith prompts us on a journey to love.






Concert of blossom


Flora singing through hues

listening to the notes of aroma.





Subtlety of cloud colour

bone white, sooty milk and spattered oatmeal

bruised flesh, ivory with a charcoal-wash

wind-mingling… ever-shifting.




Photo credit (at top – Shrine of the Báb): Baha’i International Community (Baha’i Media Bank) and Baha’i World Centre.

Graphic design playtime – fun experiment

Hi, somewhat off-topic but I couldn’t resist taking advantage of the opportunity of experimenting and trying my hand at designing a Bahá’í plaque (albeit this one is very small)…

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 11.33.06 copy

This is going to be made in brass – hence the screw-holes. I had to take a screen-grab to get this image. The design is obviously self-explanatory, with the ringstone symbol most prominent and the Greatest Name ‘Alláh-u-Abhá’ below in a muted yellow with a darker green shade appearing as a shadow. I discovered this shadowing effect by accident actually but am quite pleased with it. I hope that all the elements come out clearly (i.e., sharply defined) and as attractive as the digital mock-up/template.

The final product…



Ante meridiem – : – Replicate of Fashion – : – Masterly Aspect – : – Terra firma


Realm of Being


Approaching, reaching for

– embracing union by fusion of truth

energised in the light of spiritual understanding.



Masterly aspect


Great art takes the mind with spirit

To where it didn’t expect to go.





We’re brilliant moons reflecting His Sun.



Terra firma


The one solution to

Infighting is




Cast-iron uncertainties


who dares break those rules that can be broken?

Without knowing the future,

Trivial guidelines sold as taboo assurances

Mankind’s world creation to date.



Restraint deficiency


Tight prayer for begging, pleading, beseeching.



Replicate of fashion


Only the human soul can exert the unique spark

of human art.     A.I. will never create genius… 

only replicate.



Ante meridiem


Should not every morn begin a festival of joy

alloyed in the righteous forge of selfless love?










Improvements – update on-site

I’ve made some recent improvements to the website which should make it easier to find and read past postings of poems. The vertical chronological list on the right-hand side allows you to click through to read more content. I hope this will make the site more interesting for anyone who has the desire or motivation to read more than just the most recent post of verse (usually between 2-5 poems) as there’s now somewhere between 85-95 poems archived. As always feedback is appreciated. Warmest regards, Alan.


Embryonic labours



Verses interpretations

Remote connections, situations

Where is the limit of seeing

… the reach of highest compassion?

What insight in searching.. study.. examining?

Noblest Consciousness, Creator of sublime understanding

affecting spiritually-consequential Words.

Illimitable Dominion

All eternity – infinite into the future – present – and

eternal throughout the past…

this is His continuum of Truth,

propelling time without error, propagating anxiety or travel of panic.

Within the edifice of His Just realm, a supernal architecture of Wisdom.

Words’ Power’s Charge


Diversity – equity

Reusing – resourceful – economic

Recycling – energy – conservation – detachment

Respect – ecology – earth – sustainable – justice

Reverencebiodiversityspiritual – sustenance – permaculture – flourishing

Local – community – nourishment – sharing – knowledge – organic – skills

Opportunity – dedication – interconnectivity – fluidity – crafts expertise – vital

Betterment – uplifting – healthlovingness – inclusion – unity – prosperity


Filling of Spirit fresh

So many wells available

impulsively drawn to a seductive exterior

tempting with lavish-ornament gratification

… ‘outcomes’ an offering foul and choking.

Superficial perceived as substantial

Nothing fresh to imbibe.

How Spirit may be plenished, or depleted from body.

Ceaseless movement of ocean and river cleanses

all living water – making new its healthful, healing fluidity.

Natures worth simply recirculated.

First BRIGHT Thirst: Statistics of Love

First Bright Thirst


Drink in a DEEPER Truth

an Illumined REALITY

Brilliantly Enlightened






Indispensable guidance our Lord has issued –

safeguarding against inconstant motives,

a fortress repelling awry intentions.




Forever so why ever


HE is the remedy to self-doubt,

regret and spiritual imbalance

His light illumines redemption and its fulsome embrace

delivers salvation to whomsoever forever

That how-when-where whichsoever ceases never – hallowed

be His Name.




Veiled Treasure


Seeking, receiving the divine fragrances…

deepening within the Holy writings,

of the inscrutable, unknowable Essence

The One illimitable, indecipherable Absolute.




Of En-Wp


Conjuring demons of our own volition

Self-erasing shadows – age-maturing as nature obeys seasons turning

Old growth boosted by tiredness into new

Illusion by will – construction through disintegration

A symmetry inherent in weathering.




Statistics of Love


New World Ordering numbers abound –

spreadsheet stacks of selflessness

calculus carried out with utmost care

studied with graphs of generosity

– arithmetic of altruism; compassionate calculations…

integrated with mathematics of heart movements

equals (=) logarithmic lovingness.

Firming up fortuitous fractions, unifying decimal point factions.

The numbers of a Renewed World Ordering abound






Divine alphabet of transmutation



Articulations of grace

delivered by the convection of mercy

inside a conveyance of love.



Purposeful Foundations


God –

One Creator of all things

Inscrutable, all-powerful Being

Whom every enlightened soul

Is compelled to worship

Through love and fear.



Relevant continuum


To be alive is to know Him

Whom is most real and vital.



Most Glorious


The greatest blessing is that God endowed us

with the capacity to feel and understand love.

Whether we initiate or reciprocate – it is our drinking from

the aquifer of His compassion.



All are teachers of deeds


Exchanges of kindness supply

the remedy to spiritual weariness.

From foundations of frailty,

fatigue is transformed into fortitude.



Progress (&D)


Be witness to restraint between

the layers of the occult self.




Billowing blossoms of humanity


Graciously, an interracial bounty,

a development of beauty burgeoning within

God’s blessed garden.